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Public Relations Services

In the ultra-connected world we now live in, never before has public opinion had such an influence on your brand's success. By utilising PR, you can take back control of the conversation surrounding your brand. Consequently, building trust among key publics, increasing your positive media presence, and naturally establishing awareness of your brand among stakeholders.



PR (Public Relations)


As paid advertising campaigns grow increasingly common throughout 2022, there’s a budding consensus that the general public is becoming increasingly tired of this ‘in your face’ marketing approach. Therefore, not taking paid advertising messaging on-board as they once were.


Public Relations (PR) is an alternative option to the more direct advertising approach, offering a more natural, organic way of getting your brand noticed and building relationships with your stakeholders. Expert public relations practitioners seek to build a positive brand image and reputation through influencing the media to represent their organisation positively and communicating key messages.

In 2022, PR is one of the most effective ways of building brand awareness whilst also ensuring your audience have positive views of you. What’s not to like?


At ‘Better’, our experienced and accredited PR practitioners offer numerous public relations services that we can tailor toward your  goals and objectives, whether you want B2B or B2C PR.


Local, National and Trade PR – Whether you want to target a specific industry, increase your local profile, or raise awareness on a national level. We can secure you media coverage in print, broadcast, and online outlets, with our creative campaign ideas and expert knowledge of the media.


Press Releases - Often the key ingredient when searching for media coverage, our public relations team have written thousands of press releases that have piqued the interest of journalists. We also offer a press release training scheme, allowing you to put together your own compelling press releases.


Media Relations – Alongside using our media contacts to help secure your business its dream coverage, we also provide media training to ensure your staff can build positive, long-term media relationships.


Community Relations – Often overlooked by businesses and public relations agencies alike, community relations refers to the various methods a company can use to establish and maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with the community in which they operate.

In today’s age of public distrust toward businesses, a community relations programme can benefit virtually any organisation.

Our work has seen companies in a variety of industries benefit from community support, loyalty and the fostering of goodwill, all whilst raising awareness for your products/services.


Media Training


Have you got a story that you’re desperate to tell the press, but you don’t know how to engage with journalists? Or just want to be prepared in case you’re ever in need of some top-quality crisis communications?


‘BETTER’ offers specialised press and media training for both businesses and individuals, helping to give your employees the confidence and skills to successfully deliver your key messages to the media.


Whether you’re a seasoned voice in the media or have never spoken to the press before, our media training focuses on your organisation and industry, providing a complete overview of the media opportunities available, including broadcast, written and social. Ultimately, culminating with a change of mindset for our clients once the media training course is complete, no longer entering press communications with a sense of dread and scepticism but rather confidence and opportunity.





Looking to land new prospects, build brand awareness, educate consumers about a new product, or build brand transparency? A corporate event could be the sure-fire way to produce instant results whilst bringing your brand's core messages to life.

Whether you want to attend a trade show or hold a product launch, make it super swanky, or even VR compatible, we have proven experience producing engaging and memorable events that provide a significant return on investment. What’s more, you can enjoy the free drinks whilst we do all the hard work for you!


We are here to assist you throughout every stage of the event process. From developing an understanding of your core objectives in the initial briefing stage to securing event coverage with our contacts in the broadcast and written media, we do our utmost to ensure your next event is the best yet.

‘Better’ event coordination doesn’t stop at holding and managing an event. We create perception changing occasions that leave your targeted audience with a newfound confidence in your brand.


Crisis and Reputation Management


By failing to prepare, you’re preparing to fail.


It’s inevitable that from time to time things go wrong, it’s part of running a business. Maybe you’ve had a health and safety breach, or an angry customer put a negative review on social media and it’s rapidly gaining traction. Whatever the cause, your reputation should not have to suffer from it, and sadly a crisis won’t just go away by ignoring it.


‘Better’ crisis management is not reactive. We don’t wait for a crisis to unfold and then step in to support you. We work proactively, attempting to future-proof your company from any potential crisis, whilst also preparing you for when a crisis hits that is completely out of your control. This proactive preparation and planning (such as developing contingency statements) will allow us to tackle any crisis from the moment it comes to the fore, saving vital minutes which could ultimately save the reputation of your company.


Alongside crisis and reputation management, our PR team have also mastered the art of ‘spin’. In the congested media world we now live in, getting the attention of your target audience has never been more of a challenge. Hence, (to quote an old cliche) ‘there really is no such thing as bad publicity’. Our PR practitioners can take your negative press and spin it into a positive (and before you ask, no, they’re not magic).

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