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Branding and Graphic Design Services

“Your brand is built to be a true representation of who you are as a business and how you wish to be perceived.”  


Branding is now so much more than putting together an attractive logo. Your brand is your company culture, your vision, and your tone of voice. It evolves with every social media post and every review, with your CEO and with your intern. Your brand is your entire customer experience and one of your businesses most valuable assets.

We create engaging, unforgettable brands that get results.



Brand Positioning

99% of brands are after the same thing. A nice, cosy spot in their target consumer’s mind. A spot created by their brand positioning strategy setting them apart from competitors. To achieve this, it’s only healthy your brand occasionally tweaks its brand positioning strategy to maximise its success.

However, frustratingly, it’s next to impossible to see your brand through the eyes of external stakeholders without external support.

That’s where we come in. 

Unfortunately, we can’t quite guarantee you positive brand positioning in all of your target consumers’ minds (maybe we need to hire David Blaine), but we’ll certainly do our best to at least leave a lasting impression.

Our collaborative brand positioning strategy is centred around you. From learning as much as we possibly can about your brand to analysing competitors, we seek to locate the little shining lights that make your brand special and will help to amplify them for all to see. This can be through recommending a certain type of creative marketing campaign, a logo change, or perhaps changing the tone of your website text, it differs greatly from brand to brand, but the goal never waivers. We work to influence consumers’ perception of your brand, helping to bring about a competitive advantage that ultimately utilises brand positioning to attract more customers and grow your business.


Brand Strategy


At ‘Better’, we don’t settle for mediocrity. Far too often, we see brands that have the potential to thrive simply choose to survive. Then, a couple of years later, they approach us and ask, “Where did it all go wrong?”

BETTER brand strategy looks to remove these ‘what ifs’, replacing them with a long-term, sustainable roadmap that adds value to both your brand and consumers.


Our proven approach to brand strategy looks beyond quick fixes and reactionary tactics, helping both emerging and established brands to engage customers and create differentiation, ultimately giving you the confidence to surpass your business goals and objectives.


BETTER brand strategy is a comprehensive plan encompassing specific, long-term goals that allow you to stay flexible as your brand evolves. These goals can be influenced by your values, mission and story, all of which ‘Better’ can support you in creating if necessary. 

Your brand can always be ‘Better’, and your brand strategy isn’t a group of targets you hope to get to one day. If you feel lost and your goals unattainable, we can be your guide, leading the way to a better, more successful version of your brand.



Brand Identity


In 1915, Coca-Cola set out to create, “A bottle so distinct that it could be recognised by touch in the dark or when lying broken on the ground.” Fast-forward just over 100 years, and Coca-Cola claims its name is the second most understood word in the world, behind ‘OK’.


Your brand identity is all the elements that visually represent your brand (your logo, styling, fonts, colours, imagery and icons).

It’s your first point of differentiation, a true representation of who you are as a company, and can be what separates something special from the ordinary.


At ‘Better’, we examine and evolve your tangible brand components, using our experience to develop visual elements that resonate profoundly with your audience and bring about the desired perception.

Starting with a thorough brand audit, we utilise testing and a data-driven approach to visually distinguish your brand in the mind of consumers. A well-thought-out, unique, and consistent brand identity, will not only allow you to draw the attention of your target consumer but also deliver noticeable results.

Brand Positioning
Brand Strategy
Brand Identity


Brand Audit

Aside from creating fancy logos and deciding which font most accurately portrays your brand, arguably the most vital step in your branding staircase is the first one that you take, research.


At BETTER, our bespoke brand audits objectively review your brand’s impact within your industry and geographical area, not only helping to provide feedback on business performance but also opportunities for further development. We can then start to reach out to potential customers and gain further insight into consumer preferences and behaviour, with the end goal of developing a USP that will give you a competitive advantage.


Once armed with the knowledge gained from your brand audit, you could not be in a better position to make a more informed decision on the next steps you take in your branding journey, whether you want a new logo, brand story, or long-term strategy.

Brand Audit
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